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Bokashi Pro-Gro as Superfood for Growing Cannabis

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Implementing Bokashi Pro-Gro into your everyday gardening practices can seem overwhelming at first. Knowing these three helpful steps can help improve your seeding process so you can successfully harness the power of Bokashi and love your dirt. (4 min. read)

Implementing Bokashi Pro-Gro into your cannabis growing practices can seem overwhelming at first.

Knowing these three helpful steps can help improve your seeding process so you can successfully harness the power of Bokashi and love your dirt.

Bokashi Pro-Gro Fermented Fertilizer is a multipurpose soil amendment, foliar spray and soil soak. If you aren’t already utilizing these effective methods in your growing strategy, you should ask yourself how can I use Bokashi to the fullest within my cannabis operations.

What are The Benefits of Bokashi Pro-Gro as a Cannabis Fertilizer?

Bokashi Benefits Cannabis Fertilizer

When you use Bokashi for growing cannabis plants, you'll discover a number of wonderful benefits to this organic super-food, including: 

  •    Increased nutrients
  •    Produces healthier plants
  •    Improved flavor, color, and yield
  •    Reduces watering costs and labor
  •    Environmentally friendly
  •    Healthy plant immune system
  •    Dirt cheap – save money used on pesticides and chemicals.
  •    Save time on production and harvesting.
  •    Increases nutrient, microbial and mineral density (Brix) in the plant.
  •    Higher Brix translates into a stronger plant able to better fend off disease and pests.

How Can You Use Bokashi Pro-Gro Fermented Fertilizer?

How to Fertilize Cannabis Plants with Bokashi

These are the three most popular and most powerful ways that you can use Bokashi Pro-Gro to help boost the output of your cannabis crops. 

Bokashi as a Soil Amendment

Utilizing Bokashi Pro-Gro within container gardens is as simple as one, two, three. Simply mix 1-2 cups of Bokashi Pro-Gro into grow medium. Other organic fertilizers take time to ‘cook’ in the soil. Bokashi Pro-Gro  works right away, so there’s no waiting. Potting soil is the perfect solution for transplanting plants without the need of starting from fresh and wasting vital nutrients and minerals making healthier plants, and stronger roots.

Soil Amendment

Bokashi Compost Tea

Bokashi Pro-Gro is a complete liquid fertilizer compost tea used to feed your soil and foliar plants. This unique compost tea is essential for all your gardening and growing needs. Just add ¼ cup of Bokashi Pro-Gro to 1 gallon (4 L) of water. Then add 2 tablespoons of molasses or natural honey as your microbe food source. Remember to mix well and leave the lid loosely covering the container for 48-72 hours. Once you notice a mild brewing aroma, the mix is ready for use. The compost tea is perfect for populating your plant’s leaves, strengthening brix, and creating beneficial microbes.

Compost tea

Soil Soak – water your plants every two weeks using the liquid organic fertilizer for  complete nutrient requirements. For best results apply mixture through the months of spring and fall. Works, well as a lawn fertilizer.

Foliar Feed – strain liquid mixture through a sieve or cheesecloth. The pulp that remains may be used to spread around your plants for increased benefits and better results. Directly spray your foliage every two weeks. Do not spray on blooms.

Bokashi Enriched Top Dressing

Bokashi Pro-Gro soil amendment is perfect as a top dressing for your cannabis crops and plants. Add and blend ¼ of a cup of Bokashi Pro-Gro per square foot of soil with no additional tilling or waiting for the organic food complex to work. 


By adding Bokashi to your cannabis growth plan, your plants will see a healthier and stronger food web, healthier ecosystem, and beneficial microbes while you will notice fuller yields and more productive plants.

Love Your Dirt

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