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New! Exclusive to Good Green Earth Co. - Bokashi PRO-GRO

Probiotic Bio-Intensive Gardening

Feeding the soil micro ecology is vital to produce the best food and medicine - rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial microflora.

Current synthetic farming practices have caused the soil nutrient density to become depleted, as well as leaching harmful chemicals into our precious waterways.

We all can get back to the way food and medicine was meant to be grown, by starting with organic soil and Bokashi PRO-GRO

Bokashi PRO-GRO

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Now Free Shipping of Bokashi Compost Systems in Canada

Kit sizes

My Good Green Pet Bokashi Compost kit

As responsible pet owners, we all look for a better way to dispose of our pet's waste without affecting the environment. Now there is an easy and effective way to turn our pet's waste into nutrient rich soil for your shrubs, trees and ornamental gardens. If you already use a  pit, the fermented waste will breakdown much quicker with no flies or foul odors.

Kit includes; Bokashi compost bucket w/ lid, poop scoop, 500 g of Bokashi culture mix and scoop.

Regular size (for most pets)         $19.99

Large size (for the big fellas)       $23.99  

Good Green Earth Composter
Bokashi Culture mix

Bokashi Culture Mix

Consists of food grade non-GMO wheat bran, inoculated with EM in a molasses and structured water base.

Price -   1 Kg   - $9.99 ca

               2 Kg  - $17.99 ca

               5 Kg   - $39.99 ca

​             Call for larger quantities     

​Good Green Earth Composter kit

20 litre - 100% recycled plastic container w/ spigot.

includes; drain screen, compressor, juice cup, air tight lid and a 1 kg bag of Bokashi Culture mix (2-3 months supply).

Dimensions: 30cm.L x 30cm.W x 41cm.H

​Weight: 4.3 lbs

Price - One bucket kit - $79.99 ca

​            Two bucket kit - $139.99 ca

​​Bokashi Composting Products