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" Very welcome system...We have bears, and raccoons used to visit frequently...what a great idea to compost this way"

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Quick and Easy to use

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Take your garden to a whole new level by maximizing the full potential of your plants. Bokashi PRO-GRO is a premium soil amendment, hand made with a proprietary blend of Specialty Nutrients, such as high grade Vitamins, Minerals, Superfood Complex and Probiotic Consortium , through a unique Acidic Anaerobic Fermentation process.

We all know that you must feed the soil in order to have an abundant sustainable garden or farm. Today's synthetic approach to fertilizers has led to depleted nutrient and mineral density in our soil. Our food and medicine grown in this soil is also deficient in nutrients and mineral density, essential to our well being. Bokashi PRO-GRO was developed to replenish our precious soil with everything necessary to create a sustainable micro ecology that will continue to feed the soil, and in turn our crops without need of additional chemical fertilizers.

PRO-GRO may be used as;
- Soil Amendment
- Top Dressing
- Compost Tea
- Foliar Spray

Great for small living spaces

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My Good Green Pet Bokashi Compost kit

New - We are proud to introduce a great product to deal with the growing issue of pet waste and our environment.

My Good Green Pet Bokashi Compost kit is the perfect solution. Turn any pet waste into Organic nutrient rich soil for your ornamental garden , as well as your bushes and trees. 

Available in two sizes: One for regular sized pets and the larger version for the big fellas.

Kit includes; -Compost bucket

                            -Poop scoop

​                            - Bokashi scoop

                            -500g bag of Bokashi Culture mix

Good Green Earth Bokashi Culture mix is hand-made using the best quality ingredients. We inoculate the non GMO food grade wheat bran with superior quality effective micro-organisms in a molasses and structured water base. 

The bokashi culture mix is perfect for use in the Good Green Earth Composter, as well as;

  • soil conditioner
  • compost accelerator
  • litter box deodorizer
  • pet waste composting
  • probiotic pet food additive
  • and more...

My Good Green  Composter is an efficient way to turn your food waste into nutrient rich organic soil, without the time, labour , odors , infestations and questionable results of traditional composting.

While traditional  composting incorporates rotting and decay to achieve results, it also releases greenhouse gases. Bokashi composting utilizes beneficial microbes to ferment the food scraps, then when buried in the garden or container allows the soil microbes to complete decomposition with no foul odors, flies or vermin and most importantly- does not contribute to greenhouse gasses but rather, rebuilds our depleting soil.


        Organic Nutrient Rich Soil in as little as 4 weeks

My Good Green Bokashi Plus ​TM


to the World of Bokashi​.  A Revolutionary way to compost food waste in a fraction of the time of traditional composting methods - with much less work and greater benefits.

We now have an effective way to individually cut down on Greenhouse Gas emissions and eliminate up to 50% of our waste from going directly into landfills.

My Good Green Composter

Good Green Earth Company.

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Compost Indoors, Year round 

Benefits include;
- Healthier plants with increased Nutrient Density
- Increased Flavour, Colour And Yield
- Increased uptake of Organic Matter
- Reduced watering and Nutrient costs
- Runoff is beneficial to the Environment

Bokashi PRO-GRO​TM Premium Soil Amendment

"Great composting system for townhouses" -​ Amazon verified buyer

No Foul Odor - No Flies 

Meat, Fish, Cheese, Fruits, Vegetables & even small bones can be composted

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