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Our indoor organic gardens are performing at optimal levels producing extremely aromatic and robust medicine.
  Coco coir, coco chunks, Worm castings, alfalfa, kelp, crab meal, oyster shell flour, some minerals and Pro-Gro. Every two weeks we top with worm castings, minerals and Pro-Gro. I love how simple it is. We just throw a handful in our soil mix and a sprinkle on top of the soil.  We let Pro-Gro do its thing. Our plants now are as healthy as can be and we find that with Pro-Gro they have built a natural immune system to fight off pest and disease and our yield is now on par with our hydroponic gardens. 
 When we are done, we throw our used soil into a bin with Bokashi Bran and let it cook for a few months, then use the soil on our outdoor gardens, as well as donate the soil to schools and community centres for projects. 
Simple, effective and cost efficient.

Mr. Stephen Paul Sealy
Head Medical Marijuana Grower


Basic Bokashi PRO-GRO Soil Mix
2/3 soil-less medium (e.g.  Pro-Mix, Coco Coir)
1/3 Chunky Perlite or Vermiculite
50 :1 Bokashi PRO-GRO (1 cup per 10 gallons of medium)

Mulch Top Dressing
1/3 cup dolomite/Carbonatite per sq. foot of soil
½ inch of cocoa mulch and Bokashi PRO-GRO
1 inch of Compost (e.g. Bokashi Compost)
Apply every 2-3 weeks

Foliar Spray instructions

To Brew Bokashi Compost Tea; Wrap a handful of Bokashi PRO-GRO in a double folded cheese cloth, tying it all together with a piece of string, forming a compost tea bag for multiple brews.

Set tea bag in 4 litres of de-chlorinated water* along with 100 ml of molasses for 24-48 hours with lid loosely covering container. Strain and spray over foliage to feed plants with nutrients, minerals and beneficial microbes. Spray every 1-2 weeks. Avoid spraying flowers.

​​​​​Bokashi PRO-GRO

Pine Tree Sapling with Mychorrizal Rhizosphere around roots

Bokashi PRO-GRO

Our customers tell us that Bokashi PRO-GRO has helped with powdery mildew and pest issues.

​They have also noticed healthier, more robust plants. They swear by it!

​Ray Gillis, Homegrown Hydroponics, Barrie

Follow the directions below to maximize the benefits of Bokashi PRO-GRO.

Feeding the soil micro ecology is vital to produce the best food and medicine - rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial microflora.

Current synthetic farming practices have caused the soil nutrient density to become depleted, as well as leaching harmful chemicals into our precious waterways.

We all can get back to the way food and medicine was meant to be grown, by starting with organic soil and Bokashi PRO-GRO

Directions for Use


Canadian non-GMO Wheat Bran, Structured and Purified water, Carbonatite**, Probiotic Lactic Acid Cultures***, Proprietary Blend of  high grade Vitamins and Superfoods complex, Amino Acids, Organic Beet Root Juice, Blackstrap Molasses, EM ceramic powder, Kelp, Sea Salt, Pickling Salt.

*leave container uncovered for 24 hours to vent off chlorine.

** Carbonatite contains:  Igneous Calcite, Apatite, Biotite, Vermiculite Mica, Magnesite, Pyroxene, Orthoclase, Magnetite, Hematite, Thenardite.

*** Probiotic Lactic Acid Cultures: Lactobacillus cultures, beneficial yeast, Phototropic Bacteria (PNSB)

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