The numerous benefits of Bokashi Composting and Bokashi culture mix

- Reduces our household trash by as much as 50%, thereby reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. This is so important, as our greenhouse gas emissions are getting to a critical point. Emissions such as Carbon dioxide, Methane, Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide (which causes the foul odors) are eliminated through this process.

- Bokashi composting does not attract flies or vermin

- Has a sweet 'pickling' smell like Hops

- Completely safe for humans,  animals, plants, marine life and the environment.

​- Reduces our reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers

- Bokashi composting is very convenient, quick and easy- can be done indoors, year round even in small spaces or apartments. may be stored under the counter or in closet.

- Fermented organic waste may be stored for extended periods of time out of direct sunlight.

- Bokashi culture mix is a great soil conditioner, helping soil structure and nutrient uptake.

​- Composted material is rich in beneficial microbes and high levels of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, some plant hormones and organic acids

Other Great Benefits;

- Works very well in litter boxes, animal runs to eliminate odors.

​        -Add 1-2 cups into clean litter, then 1 cup every week to reduce odors and pathogens

- As a probiotic food additive for your pets.

      - mix 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon into your pets food for a natural probiotic supplement.

- Turns pet waste into nutrient rich organic soil for flowers, ornamental plants and trees.

​     - Try My Good Green Pet Bokashi Compost kit or a 5 gallon bucket with lid, pour half cup of Bokashi culture mix into bottom. add pet waste and sprinkle handful of Bokashi over top.continue until full, then bury in flower garden for 4 weeks before planting.

- Reduces hazardous pet waste runoff that makes its way into our ground water, lakes and streams.

- Eliminates pet waste from being put into our landfills.

- Bokashi Culture mix is a great soil additive to give it structure, aiding in draining and nutrient uptake. Also, the addition of beneficial microorganisms which in turn feeds the soil and grow great plants.

    - Add to your organic soil at a rate of 20:1  soil - bokashi

​-  Can be added to traditional compost piles to accelerate the decomposition.

Benefits​ of Bokashi Composting and Bokashi Culture mix

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Comparisons of Bokashi anaerobic composting - Traditional aerobic composting

         Bokashi                                                                                Traditional                                   

anaerobic (no oxygen)                                                         aerobic (uses oxygen)

Cold Fermentation process                                              Heat oxidation process

pickles food waste                                                                  rots and decays food waste

all food waste can be composted                                  only plant based food waste can be composted

no foul odors                                                                              produces very foul odors

does not contribute greenhouse gasses                   releases  methane and hydrogen sulphide

does not attract flies or animals                                    does attract flies, bugs, vermin and other animals

easy for the whole family to use                                    requires more work and turning of contents

retains high levels of nutrients                                       loses nutritional value levels due to heat                                                                                                                                                  process (especially Nitrogen)

takes weeks to finish process                                          takes many months to finish process(if in fact, it does                                                                                                                      finish at all)

can be composted indoors, year-round                      only able to compost outdoors in warmer weather

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